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Client output for banks


The client output solution is designed to produce and output all types of documents for clients of private banks. It has the following principal features:


The complete production cycle for the banking client output is implemented. This includes:


We deliver the complete "turn-key" solution tailored individually for the needs of every customer. This solution provides all functional components implementing the whole document production cycle, from extracting the source data to archiving and printing of the finished documents. There is no need for purchasing extra components from the third parties (although our open architecture enables the easy integration with such components, if requested by the customer).

We take the responsibility for the final result, providing the complete set of services, which include:

Our solution is cost-efficient. It is using various standard software modules and comes with the standard yet complex package of pre-built implementations for client document types. Usage of the standard components allows to reduce implementation cost. The license prices for standard software components are discounted and included in the final solution price, providing the further cost reduction.

The solution is easy to customize due to its open architecture and advanced technologies used. We can, at low cost, add or modify document layouts and output formats based on the customer requirements. We can also implement support for additional languages and implement interface to software packages from third parties (e.g., various banking systems, archiving solutions, etc.).

The ownership cost of the solution is low. Once implementation is completed, the moderate maintenance is required. Daily operation is simple and highly automated. Definitions of document layouts are open. If required, creation of the new document layouts or modification of existing ones can be performed by the IT personell of the bank. For this purpose we help to build the in-house competence and provide the extensive training. We also can, based on a special agreement, provide the complete source code of all our software components to the customer.


The following types of client documents are supported:

Client documents are generated in various languages. The language is selected individually for every client. The following languages are supported in the standard configuration:

Documents can be presented in various forms; both paper-based and on-line (Intranet) presentation methods are implemented.

Confirmations for the following deal types are supported:

The solution implements a rich set of confirmations for corporate actions. In addition to client advices it creates, when appropriate, pre-advices and customer reply forms. The following categories of corporate actions are fully supported:

Interfaces to various sources of banking data are available. In particular, we support:

Client documents can be presented in various formats, which include:

The software is running on Microsoft Windows (NT/2000) platform.

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