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Unicorn Print Server

Unicorn Print Server is an advanced output management solution designed to provide an efficient integration of the various types of hardware platforms, operating systems and printing devices on a basis of a single concept.

Unicorn Print Server is designed to make the enterprise printing more efficient, flexible and reliable. The utilization of printing resources, as well as overall printing environment administration and maintenance costs can be optimized. The need for the various additional platform-specific printing software components may be significantly reduced.

Unicorn Print Server has a scalable architecture. No matter how big is the printing environment, the appropriate server configuration can be provided. The printing solution can be easily upgraded, while the printing environment grows and the need to support additional hosts, printers and applications arises. Unicorn Print Server is optimized for mission-critical applications, providing an adequate performance for large enterprises. On the other hand, for smaller enterprises, the money-saving low-end solutions may be provided.

Unicorn Print Server is optimized to create customer-specific solutions. For every particular customer, the special solution can be created from the selected set of standard server components. Components may be configured to meet customer needs. When some customer requirements can not be satisfied using the existing modules, additional customer-specific components can be developed and easily integrated using the server open architecture. This can dramatically reduce time and costs for the development of highly customized printing solutions.

Unicorn Print Server is running on Windows (NT/2000) platform. Most of client platforms and printing devices are supported.

Unicorn Print Server supports the following features.

Spool management:

Job management:

Advanced features:

Optional features:

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Unicorn Formatting Objects

Unicorn Formatting Objects (UFO) implement a standalone command line XML formatter that supports the representative subset of the Extensible Formatting Language (XSL) as specified in the "Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.0" W3C Recommendation, 15 October 2001" (http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl/).

The UFO processor reads source documents containing XML trees in "fo" namespace, performs the formatting, and outputs results in the PostScript Level 2 format.

UFO is optimized for composition of business-style documents (e.g., catalogs, orders, invoices, banking statements, etc.).

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Unicorn SVG Processor

Unicorn SVG Processor (USVG) is a standalone command line application that converts SVG documents into PostScript.

USVG supports a representative subset of the "Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 Specification" W3C Recommendation, 14 January 2003 (http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/)

USVG produces output in the Adobe PostScript Level 3 format.

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Unicorn XSLT Processor

In years 1999-2001 we created the Unicorn XSLT Processor, implementing the Extensible Stylesheets Transformations (XSLT) technology specified by W3C. The product was made freely available and could be downloaded from our Web site. In that period, we developed various add-on technologies for XSLT; all these technologies were implemented in our XSLT processor.

In 2002 we invented our own technology for XML processing and presentation. This technology, called Unicorn Extensible Stylesheets (UXS), has been successfully tested in several big projects implemented by our company in 2002-2003. At present, UXS has completely replaced XSLT in all our solutions.

However, the old Unicorn XSLT processor gained the significant popularity among the users, and we decided to continue its distribution. The recent product version is 1.50.00, and it is available in two editions: Standard and Database.

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