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Portfolio manager desktop


Portfolio manager desktop is an add-on solution to the standard banking packages. It is designed to provide portfolio managers with the complete online information about all aspects of the customer portfolios, in particular:

The portfolio information is produced and maintained by the main banking package. Portfolio manager desktop provides the advanced analysis and presentation of this information.


The standard banking packages often impose various constraints regarding the analysis and presentation of portfolio information. Some typical constraints are:

Portfolio manager desktop was designed to overcome these constraints. By using this solution, bank's account officers get the following benefits:


Main functionality:

Special features:

Business graphics is integrated in the statement of assets; the following diagrams are available:

All output documents may be generated in various languages. The language is selected individually for every customer. The following languages are supported in the standard configuration:

Technical features

Interfaces to various sources of banking data are available. In particular, we support:

The most frequently used information, for example, portfolio valuation data for each working day, is periodically exported from the main banking system and stored in the builtin XML data warehouse. The solution uses this preloaded information for presentation and analysis. Using the data warehouse dramatically improves the performance and response time.

Output documents can be presented in various formats, which include:

The software is running on Microsoft Windows (NT/2000) platform.

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